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It is easy to find a pharmacy (Eczaneler) in Mahmutlar . There are  many in the area and most of them speak very good English and a range of other languages.

The Pharmacists in Turkey are very different to those is European countries. They  are allowed to diagnose illnesses and provide over-the-counter medicine as well as medicines on prescription.

Opening times are generally the same for all pharmacists in Mahmutlar and they tend to stay open longer during the Summer Season. In general though they open Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18.00.

Most pharmacies are closed on Sundays, BUT there is always one emergency pharmacy open for 24 hours in Mahmutlar (nรถbetรงi ezcane).

Information on the nearest emergency pharmacy is usually indicated on the doors of a pharmacy.

If you need medication out of hours you can always find a pharmacy open in your local area as one always stays open 24-hour on the rota basis.

There is always a sign on the doors of the pharmacy telling which one is open. Alternatively you can check online by following out link here


Just scroll down the list to find the Mahmutlar Pharmacy.

There is a map to assist you in locating the premises.


Patients insured under the Turkish National Health Insurance Scheme pay approximately 10 to 20 percent of the cost of prescribed medicines at a pharmacy.

However, under 18s, people with disabilities or chronic illness and those on a low income are covered for the full amount.

The amount of cover for private insurance holders depends on the type of private health insurance and the options you choose when opening the policy.

Some insurance providers cover offers expenses up to 100 percent, while others may provide no cover for pharmacy expenses.

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