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Kargicak, pronounced

KAR as in car

GI as in gee

GAK as in jack but a very soft j like shhak

We love Kargicak because it is such a beautiful area, much of which is located on the hillside looking down over the coast and town of neighbouring Mahmutlar. It is only 18 minutes transfer time to Alanya-Gazipasa Airport and this will become even quicker when the second stage of the D400 beach bypass is completed.


Old and New in Kargicak. An old stone house in the foreground and the brand new Riviera Imperial De Luxe Hotel in the background

For many years the government only allowed single or double storey residences in the Kargicak area as it was, and is, a protected natural area. Until 2010 you would only find fine villa residences with private pools and gardens and the occasional small rise apartments on selected sites.

Gold City was the first huge construction in the area and is still one of Kargicak’s most famous landmarks. This hotel and residence was gradually constructed from 2004 – 2010 with many Irish buying into the hotel style residence which has since become very popular. However when the market crashed in 2007 the Irish were hit very badly and many sold their properties and Gold City changed its concept to adapt to the new situation it found itself in.

The next large complex built was Granada which did have permission for 5 storey apartment blocks but as the foundations were in the valley they had little impact on the views in the valley.

Now on the horizon is a new Luxury Hotel Residence and Spa, Riviera De Luxe. You can see Riviera De Luxe on the hillside in the distance in contrast to the old house in the foreground of the picture above. This project comes with very high recommendations from us and we urge you to check out the details on our property portfolio. If you want to discuss it with us in person just let us know.

Riviera Imperial De Luxe Hotel and Spa

Now on the eastern side of Kargicak we have a growing number of 5 storey apartment residences being constructed but there is not the 13 floor buildings you will see in Mahmutlar.

The Natural Landscape

The flora and fauna in Kargicak is stunning. There are so many wild flowers, grasses and shrubs that grow there and despite the baking hot summers these beautiful colourful plants always seem to survive and pop up in the Spring, early Summer and sometimes after heavy rain.

There are many species of birds, butterflies, chameleons, lizards, tortoises in the hedgerows and amongst the trees and even wild boar roaming in the forest at night.

The challenge will be to allow Kargicak to grow but to grow without losing its distinct character and maintain its natural charm and ecological balance.


The beaches of Kargicak change constantly. Because it is tucked in with a headland on its border you find that storms and high waters shift sand from other beaches and drop their load onto the Kargicak beaches. It is also the case that much sand has been taken back and dropped elsewhere. One thing is for sure you can never be certain what the beach landscape will look like from one season to the next.

The beautiful promenade that runs along the coast right through to Alanya starts in Kargicak at the roundabout of the Plumeria Shop Mall. This promenade is lined with oleander bushes, bamboo plants and palm trees. There are resting areas along the way, picnic areas and, of course, a beach bars almost every 100 metre or so. Each bar has a distinctive character and offers something unique. Gone are the days of the battered old tent on the beach. Some of these bars are being renovated and being transformed into chic bars and waterside restaurants.

Turkish fishing boats off the coast of Kargicak
There is a good parasailing & watersport centre in Kargicak on the Dinler Hotel Beach
You can see the centre in the background of this movie
Expect crystal clear water in Kargicak and lots of room to chill out!!!


Here is a great, no frills beach that has been around for many years and has so many satisfied customers. Welcoming, reasonably priced and family friendly we can see how Mehmet, the owner, has kept his customers loyal to him. Check him out when you are in the area.

beach bars in kargicak





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