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Izzys Beach Club is a brand new bar and restaurant opened in 2019. Sadly it closed after lockdown when the locations and design of all beach bars and restaurants were streamlined according to local council blueprints. You will find Izzys new bar and restaurant in Mahmutlar’s town centre where much of the flair and impeccable reputation Izzy has built up over the years can still be enjoyed by all today.

So a nostaligic archive for the best beach bar in Mahmutlar up to 2020.

We are confident what we say here about management, service and food quality will be at least as good, but probably even better in Izzys current bar and restaurant in Mahmutlar town centre.

That is because Izzy is a absolute perfectionist and has over 20 years experience as a highly successful business owner in the restaurant trade.

There is nothing he does not know about food, wine and service. He personally oversees every aspect of the beach club and is always there to welcome you during opening hours.

Here is a very happy Izzy ready to welcome you to his beach bar in 2019

Izzys Beach Bar - We Love Mahmutlar Beach Bars

This is not just a beach club, this is a waterfront restaurant and perfect for those who prefer quality meals in peaceful and luxurious waterfront surrounding without the hype of the tourist restaurants in town. 


The standard of cuisine at Izzys is exceptional. You will enjoy prime quality, fresh ingredients seasoned and cooked to perfection with Izzys highly trained team led by Izzy himself.

There is a great mix on the menu and something to suit everyone.

Each meal is meticulously planned and prepared with different sauces and seasoning.

Everything is cooked to order and prepared with the best fresh ingredients on offer in the area.

When you visit ask to see the kitchen – it is not what you would expect from a Beach Club.

It rivals the standard of any top quality restaurant in town with the capacity to cook a full a la carte menu.

The coolers,  freezers and refrigeration storage are state of the art so no danger of food perishing in the heat. The ventilation system are modern and eco friendly.

It is no wonder the quality of the food is so high and fresh.

The best restaurant owners are those who know everything there is to know about their business from service, to wine and cocktail selection to cooking the food. Izzy knows everything , there is to know about that restaurant inside out and he can cook any meal on the menu. This means he can effectively control quality and maintain high standards throughout the day and evening. 

If you didn’t realise how talented a chef is was then check out Izzy in action!!

You can enjoy breakfast at Izzys, eat your meals and snacks on your sun-beds at the waters edge or in the plush restaurant under the shade of the roof or canopies. 

Meals are served throughout the day with the full range of a la carte menu options available until the evening. End your beach day with a wonderful meal or dine while watching the amazing sunset.

If you are in the mood for a lighter bite then the CLUB SANDWICHES at Izzys Beach Club are also very delicious

It is also possible to book into the restaurant for special celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

With sufficient notice it is possible to obtain special licences to ensure the night finishes when you are ready.

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Here is a quick video to show you where the beach bar is located.

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