South Wales Police in Barry make sure everyone abides by the lockdown rules from Welsh Government for no non essential travel.

With we have another bank holiday coming and there re photographs across the news of packed beaches in England. Barry Police are taking no chances and are implementing lockdown rules to ensure that our beaches remain safe and acesssible for local residents only. These outside areas are for us, and us alone to use for exercise and fresh air whilst effectively social distancing.

Barry Police stop visitors to Barry Island during Lockdown

Access roads to Barry Island beachfront have been blocked off with checkpoints to ensure all cars are from the local neighbourhood. The purpose of any visit must fit in with Welsh Government laws and guidelines. Those who had travelled from others areas are told to turn around and go home.

The message is clear, no matter how good the weather is, no matter that there is bank holiday coming – this is not the time to visit Barry. The travel ban is an essential part of the lockdown rules and is very much in force in South Wales.

Barry Police enforce Lockdown rules and stop visitors to Barry Island
Barry Police enforce Lockdown rules and stop visitors to Barry Island

Whilst officers were very complimentary of the way Barry residents are adhering to the rules there were, of course, stories of those who appear not to have applied even a modicum of common sense before they set off on their day trip, including one family that had travelled down from Edinburgh!!!!

Barry Police enforce Lockdown rules and stop visitors to Barry Island

The Knap has also had a high police presence and continues to implement parking restrictions to ensure that local visitors, in the main, arrive on foot.

If you think finding a less popular beach will allow you to meet with friends and avoid the restrictions then think again. They are already ahead of you having broken up groups of youngsters meeting up on the Bendricks, Knap and Porthkerry beaches. Drunken behaviour is not tolerated and large crowds will always be questioned, moved on or even fined

Barry Police’s main aim is to give local residents access to their beaches in a safe environment without fear of overcrowding.

This is great news as it means we can all use the little freedom we have to exercise in our beautiful town, in the fresh air with no fear of crowds and people not respecting our space.

So for now ….. remember


Cold Knap car parks closed during COVID 19 lockdown, Barry

Your local police are still there for you whatever your problem

The fact that the police are monitoring adherence to lockdown rules, does not mean that the police are not continuing with their other tasks of fighting crime and keeping the community safe. In general they say, crime has dropped in Barry during this pandemic although lockdown is undoubtedly a testing time for many.

Their message to you is …. please do not hesitate to call the police if you need them or are feeling vulnerable in your own home, they are always there to help in any way they can.

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