Despite the government giving clear instructions as to what is, and is not acceptable Barry RNLI have been involved in 5 avoidable rescues since COVID-19 LOCKDOWN.

It would appear individuals and groups of people have been getting cut off by the tide whilst trying to walk to and from Sully Island. The tidal waters there are notoriously dangerous and cover the causeway very quickly.

One rescue took place today with BARRY RNLI crew’s pagers going off and a team sent to rescue a gentlemen who misjudged the tide.

The dangers are clearly communicated. The small path to the beach displays numerous warning signs and cannot be missed and there are other signs across the beach wall.

Barry RNLI

With everyone staying at home due to the lockdown and trying to save lives, such irresponsibility puts every member of the RNLI crew at risk.

They, like us all, are trying to minimise their travel and avoid contact with others. If a call goes out to them they have to travel to Barry and then have to board a small inshore lifeboat to attempt the rescue.

Safe distancing, allowing 2 metres between each crew member, is impossible on such a small craft. When the crew reach the casualty or casualties, they then have to board the inshore lifeboat increasing the risk of crew members or being infected themselves.

After the rescue the crew then have to clean the boat and equipment to ensure there is no contamination ready for the next call.

BARRY RNLI have found this a real challenge in recent weeks and feel it is important to stress that any activity around the coast could inadvertently result in an emergency that could require their help.

They are appealing to all of us all to think carefully about where we take our daily exercise, applying particular caution on beaches and around water.

The LOCKDOWN rules are there to protect us all but RNLI are always there to protect us when we are trouble at sea. They should not be putting themselves at risk over easily avoidable problems with people breaking lockdown rules.

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