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The Wong Family’s Trip to the Lavender Fields in Isparta and Turkish Maldives

July 2018 we were delighted to finally meet the Wong Family face to face. We  were very proud to find out from Amanda and David that some of the articles and shares we put on ‘We Love Mahmutlar’ had actually inspired them to visit places they would never have thought about before.

We do try hard to make sure we publish and share information about the best trips and the best places to visit from Mahmutlar so that our group members, followers and blog readers have some idea of what there is to at various times of the year. Not everyone wants to sit by the pool or sunbathe for the whole two weeks of their holiday.

One of the best places to visit in the height of the Summer is the trip to see the Lavender Fields in Isparta and to travel on from there to visit the Salt Lake, also known as the Turkish Maldives.

Earlier in the Summer the rose fields are in bloom in Isparta and trips to see the rose fields are often coupled with a trip to the Salt Lake.

July and August, however, is the Lavender Fields’ moment of glory as the bushes are in full bloom and provide spectacular scenery which has become so very popular with sightseers making it a great choice for a day trip or short break.

I am so determined to visit the Lavender Fields myself, I obsess over the photos, but the timing always seems to be a problem and I find myself saying next time, next time, again and again.

We have actually visited Isparta in the Winter for a skiing day trip. Even then the scenery is spectacular and Isparta itself is a buzzing University town with plenty of lively bars and restaurants with student style bargain meals and drinks.

I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the Summer months.

But anyway,  back to the Lavender Fields…

It’s is really great to see a whole family making the effort to see different areas of Turkey and sharing their photos with us. I think there were a few on the trip who jumped on board very late in the day due to disappointing football results, but nevertheless,in the end the whole Wong family did the trip together.

They were kind enough to say we could use their personal photos for our website and so we thought we would write this post and publish their photos in a special website gallery.

If we inspired them – we hope that they will inspire you by reading about their trip and seeing their photos.

They were so enthusiastic about it saying the scenery was spectacular and well worth the early start (5.00 a.m.) and the 10 drive (5 hours there and 5 hours back.)

Their tour was organised by Fam Tours.

We regularly share Fam Tour’s schedule in our Facebook Groups as they appear to be very well organised, their schedules are clear and they appear very knowledgeable about the areas they visit. They normally take their own great photos of the trips so if you haven’t got a camera you can usually be sure there will be some great photos to share as mementos.

After visiting the Lavender Fields David, Amanda, Chloe-mae and Naomi travelled to the Salt Lake and bathed in the water there and caked themselves with the healing muds of the lake.

This area looks so tranquil and the colours so vibrant. Not sure if the camel ride was in the salt lake or in the lavender fields but we couldn’t miss it out from the gallery.

The family are now back in the UK but it was great finally meeting up with them all. I actually felt we had been friends for years as we regularly interact within the facebook groups. They are the kind of people who never forget to leave a nice comment or a like to make you feel your efforts are worthwhile.

It was a real treat to meet a kind, generous and down to earth family who are enthusiastically up for fun, a challenge and an adventure, whether its ‘dad dancing’ in the foam, rolling around in salt or photobombing other people’s photos!

Thanks for sharing guys, time went so quick, but we look forward to seeing you next year!

We are always happy to share memorable trips and visits such as this so if you want to feature on our website with a trip or visit you can recommend then  please feel free to contact us.

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