CENTAUERA BOUTIQUE HOTEL – a glistening gem in Alanya

We had a real treat on Sunday

When you have spent so many years in a resort you would think you know everything and have been everywhere.



We have been here 15 years and we learnt this weekend that no matter how many years you have been in this beautiful city there is always something to discover. Alanya with its many suburbs is such a vast city you just cannot ever complain about being bored.


On top of that businesses you once frequented and maybe did not enjoy can change hands, get make overs, new management, restaurants employ new chefs, offer new cuisine, book new musicians which can change the atmosphere of a place overnight.


So if you fancy rediscovering old haunts or want to find something totally new then just go and explore. Go treasure hunting!


Hop on a bicycle, a bus or call a taxi.


If you usually walk –  hire a car.


If you usually drive – walk.


We are so used to driving around Alanya we decided to walk. We wanted to film, but we wanted to film something different, find some unusual angles, experience something different and share our discoveries.
We also wanted a treat for ourselves, a relaxing time together.



We found ourselves discovering the romance of Alanya city all over again by stumbling upon a beautiful little gem hiding away on the hillside above the harbour.


We found the stunning Boutique Hotel called Centauera.


The cosy lounge/bar has a picturesque and panoramic view of the harbour area around the Red Tower. We had comfy seats and and above us the pagoda shaded us with vine leaves. We felt so much at home and so relaxed. We sat back and enjoyed watching the tour boats anchoring off for snorkling, diving and swimming. Well – I did – Gra was off taking shots of everything.

There was no stress, no waiters hovering and making you feel that you should eat, drink and move on.


We enjoyed a few beers, priced around the norm for the harbour. We ate a really tasty toasted cheese sandwich which was just 10TL and a very impressive homemade burger and crispy wedge style chips for only 20TL.


Everything we ate was fresh, made to order and delicious. For sure we thought the prices would be higher considering the location.


The hotel itself looks so romantic and the kind of place we would feel it worthwhile booking ourselves for a special occasion, anniversary or birthday. It boasts an impressive 9.8 score from Trip Adviser and which can only mean that it lives up to everyone’s expectations and its standards are consistent and high.


We are definitely going back in the evening as we can just imagine how beautiful it is going to look in the night with all the lights in the trees and the harbour twinkling opposite.

So we are going to find our as much as we can about this gorgeous place and will post more information as soon as we have it.