Charlie in the Dog House, Izzy’s Beach Bar Nightmare

Izzy’s Beach Bar Nightmare

Regarding Charlie …..

From the first time we met Charlie we loved him.

He is a dog with attitude.

When he didn’t know us well he pretended he really didn’t care if he got attention or not. He would look away when he backed into your space to get a stroke or a snuggle.

No reaction at all.

No expression.

You would never guess he was even enjoying it until you stopped and you felt him nudge in again.

We became frequent visitors to the beach when work started on Izzy’s New Beach Bar .

Gra started playing crazy digging games with him on the beach. Charlie is a working and hunting dog so to have a playmate scrabbling in the sand with him was right up his street and beyond exciting. 

Charlie fell in love with us. No more pretending – he was full blown into our company constantly licking us from top to toe and following us everywhere we went. 

We were honoured – we loved it – we could have quite easily bundled him up and taken him home with us after every visit.

BUT a week or so ago, we saw a new Charlie

From the moment we arrived on the beach he was different. Expressionless, reactionless, his head was in another place, he was back to pretending he didn’t love us.

Then Izzy told us.

Charlie was in the dog house.

Izzys had received a phone call.

The person asked him how Charlie was.

Izzy’s response was ‘Charlie is fine’ wondering what was the purpose of such a question.

The second questions ‘Ismail, where is Charlie?’

Again a little confused Izzy answered ‘Charlie is here on the beach with me of course’

Then the bombshell response.

‘Hmmmm well actually he is not, Charlie is here in Mahmutlar Centrum, with me’

That naughty, independent little dog had sneaked away, crossed that dangerous dual carriageway on his own, with the speeding trucks, bikes and cars and made his way ‘home’.

Can you imagine how lucky he was to get across safely across that road?

So …. when he was finally brought back to the beach he had a right showdown with Izzy. Rightly so. He must learn not to wander off in that direction or his idyllic new life on the beach will be cut very short indeed.

Charlie knew he had done wrong.

Charlie knew he was in the dog house.

Let’s hope he had a lesson that he will learn from and never, ever try that again.

So when you visit Izzy’s New Beach Bar remind Charlie NEVER to go on that road…… EVER.

Say it over and over again, in each and every language – ROAD MEANS NO FOR CHARLIE

If you are driving and actually see him on the road, I doubt he would have thought of using the zebra crossing or the tunnel, then please let Izzy know.

None of us want to lose Charlie!


Izzys Beach Bar and Restaurant will be opening soon 

Izzy’s Beach Bar and Restaurant is a brand new beach bar which has been designed and constructed for the Summer Season 2019. It is a very modern, contemporary design and will offer a new concept and experience for residents and tourists visiting Mahmutlar. 

We’ll be visiting Izzy’s Beach over the next few days for an update.


Here is a quick video link to the location 



You can find out about Izzy’s Bar throughout the season on our special feature page

izzy's Beach Bar and Restaurant