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Alanya Lighthouse, Discovering Love Locks

Alanya Lighthouse – Discovering Love Locks by  ‘We Love Alanya’.
There is always something new to discover in Alanya and we have always loved walking around Alanya Harbour. Even though we have lived here for many years we have never actually ventured along the causeway and walked all the way to the Alanya Lighthouse. 


I don’t know why we haven’t been before, probably because there is always some sort of mission when we visit Alanya Harbour, showing guests and family around, shopping, boat trips, photography etc. etc. 

This particular day was in early Spring and it was too chilly to sit outside and eat, too nice to want to be indoors and so walking was the preferred activity and we ended up walking all the way to the Alanya Lighthouse. 

If I was a regular visitor I would know when this trend started but we were intrigued as to why there were hundreds of little padlocks attached to the chains lining the perimeter of the pathways around the lighthouse. 
On closer inspection there appeared to be names on each padlock, presumably the names of lovers, of couples and the locks are a gesture, symbols of their love. 
So that led to me thinking, probably overthinking, as is my nature. 
How does this lock thing work then? 
Do you buy a lock, go together, attach the lock to the chain and throw away the key symbolising love forever, un-lockable hearts?
Does your lover surprise you with a lock when you are out for the walk and then lock it together in some sort of romantic ritual?
Does the lock come with a proposal – is that what is meant by the symbolism.
Does each lover keep a key – what happens then if they split up, does the scorned party go back and release and remove the lock? 
Can you have family locks or is it all just about lovers?
When did it start and many nationalities have put locks on?
is there anywhere else in the world where this has been done.
Where can you buy the locks!!!! I think Gray and I should have one.
If anyone knows more about this then please feel free to enlighten us all. I think it is rather lovely and should be encouraged.
Much nicer than graffiti and something that will withstand time, so long as the locks are left there and not destroyed.
Alanya Lighthouse
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An Insight into our Company and our Lives

dream villas in turkey property

We would like to introduce ourselves to you and tell you more about Dream Villas, our Real Estate Company.


Our names are Graham Freeman & Julia Freeman Williams, and we are a husband and wife team. Dream Villas Turkish Real Estate Company is wholly owned between us.
We specialise in property in Alanya and the neighbourhoods of Mahmutlar and Kargicak. We have previously worked in real estate alongside other Turkish Partners and in other countries for over 18 years.

Our home country is Wales and we spend around 12 weeks of the year there. The remaining 40 weeks are spent in Turkey. A friendly and welcoming country, wall to wall sunshine and low cost of living provides for an enviable lifestyle.


Dream Villas in Turkey, Mahmutlar and Alanya

Our company is wholly independent and fully registered in Turkey to offer Property Consultancy, Real Estate Online Services and other key services.
We operate legally in Turkey and are members of Antalya/Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Our portfolio has both private and commercial properties.
These include villas, penthouses, apartments, shops and hotels. We also  have some excellent properties in Oba, Konakli and Avsallar and in Alanya’s City Centre.
We have property in our portfolio ranging from as little as €40,000 to over 2 million euro. 

Our Experience as Investors and Agents

Our first foreign investments were here in Alanya in 2004, 2005 and 2006. We have experienced a great deal, seen many changes and heard many stories. Well known for our honesty and trustworthiness we try to be the friendly faces of Property Investment.  Personal experience of real estate as both investors and business owners in a foreign country ensures we are well placed to understand your needs. Assisting foreigners to invest safely in property here is our speciality. We can guide you through every stage of the process.

Honesty and Truthfulness

Fully aware of the many potential pitfalls that can occur we see it our duty to safeguard your interests. We do not feel it is our duty to protect the interests of the seller. Our safeguarding includes researching properties meticulously, asking the right question and answering all your questions. We advise you honestly and disclose all the information we have in our possession. We do that even if we know we will lose a sale because of it. If we think there are even whispers about a building in front of you which could spoil your view we tell you. Maybe we need to check plans for the route of a new road which could ruin the peace of your neighbourhood. Whatever it is we will tell you the facts. By having facts you can then balance the pros and cons of a property and make an informed decision. 

Where can you find us

We do not have a large commercial office. Prestigious premises can push overheads sky high and increase the amount of commission we need to charge. We are, of course, on hand to meet you whenever required. This may be informally over a coffee or in offices within the locality through our connections with constructors and agents. Being able to offer cross agency choices is what makes us very different.  We can pick from the best they each have to offer in order to match a buyers criteria and wish list.

Stress Free Communications

We understand from personal experience how frustrating online communications can  be. Yet they are critical if you are in another country. Many local business personnel find written communication and telephone conversations a challenge. We pride ourselves on our response rates, attention to detail and personal service. If you personally struggle with English then we have many colleagues with different native languages who can assist.

After Sales

Its not just important to be there for you when you are purchasing your property. Having help with those annoying little problems after sales can be also be useful. We try to help wherever we can. We can recommend honest, reliable tradesmen and service providers and general information to help you settle into your new home and life in Turkey.
The fact that we live here ourselves and have many contacts within the expat networks can also assist. We can connect you with like minded people in the community and provide you with information on what goes on locally.
Please let us help source excellent properties for you, steer you away from sales with poor investment potential. Nothing makes us happier than to see someone thrilled at finding their  perfect property.


If you decide Turkey is not for you we can introduce you to our partners in other countries. This includes Cyprus, Dubai and Spain. These partners are trustworthy, reliable and very experienced in their local areas. Once you have visited the amazing city of Alanya, however, we are confident you will want to be part of this wonderful community.
If you wish to view Dream Villas in Turkey’s Full Property Portfolio in Alanya and Mahmutlar then please follow this link to our main website
real estate tips dream villas in turey
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We Love Mahmutlar News and Stories
We Love Mahmutlar News and Stories



If you decide Turkey is not for you we can introduce you to our partners in other countries. This includes Cyprus, Dubai and Spain. These partners are trustworthy, reliable and very experienced in their local areas. Once you have visited the amazing city of Alanya, however, we are confident you will want to be part of this wonderful community.


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