The Boys Village, Aberthaw

“I don’t cry often, but tears came to my eyes when I saw it . I looked at the old canteen, the dormitories, the church that was built by the miners when they were on strike – and I thought, ‘How many kids have gone through these gates? How many of them fought and died?’ What’s happened to the place shows a complete lack of respect.”

Clive Thomas, 74, a former general secretary of the Boys’ Club Movement and World Cup referee

A collection of images of THE BOY’S VILLAGE ABERTHAW  The now derelict site was a village-style holiday camp located in West Aberthaw, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

Opened on August 8, 1925, the camp offered sons of miners an escape from the polluted and unhealthy atmosphere of Valleys industrial towns and a place to play and be free, as well as being close to the nearby beach.[1]

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