ABERTHAW: Black and White Prints

“The stream which meets the sea at Aberthaw is very small, and so lazy in its current that it has not scooped out a channel, but forms a swamp, which received us from our up to the knees. A quarter of a mile inland is the village of Aberthaw, where we were welcomed by the custom-house officer, the only person in the place who could speak to us in our own language. With all our home feelings fresh about us, and not at all corned by the sea air during a passage of three hours, it seemed quite strange to be asked if we had arrived from England, and to see English faces about us with foreign tongues”.

A description of Aberthaw from an account of the 1815 Voyage round Great Britain by Richard Ayton. 

IMAGES OF ABERTHAW a collection by Gray Freeman the decommissioned power stations, cement works, old lime works pond and boys village stand as monuments to the village’s rich and varied history

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