We Love Oba, Alanya

Welcome to Oba. Oba is a neighbourhood of Alanya in the Antalya Province that is much loved by those who live there and who travel there as tourists. Chosen by many ex-pats as their second home there are residential areas stretching from the beach right through to the rural foothills surrounded by orchards, farmland and beautiful natural landscapes.

Its enjoys its own unique identity and community which is close to, but distinct from, the busy City Centre that can becomes the tourist hotspot for so many international visitors throughout the year.

It boasts beautiful and popular beach bars set just below a wide promenade, lined with flowers, shrubs and trees stretching from its borders all the way through to Alanya harbour.

With a thriving commercial centre you will find a mix of tourist shops, large department stores and cash and carry outlets.

The area also benefits from some excellent, high standard restaurants and bars with a varied mix of live music and entertainment that draws clients from much further than Oba itself. 


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