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Where to eat in Oba. There are some great restaurants in Oba with excellent, forward looking owners who try their very hardest to offer high standards in cuisine and service.

The days of every restaurant serving the same menu and copying recipes is fast disappearing and restauranteurs are taking a more pragmatic approach and are starting to value the importance of standing out in the crowd.

Our website does not actually tell you which is the best restaurant in Oba.

One restaurant may serve the best steak you have ever eaten, while another offers handmade burgers and kebabs to die for. So it is impossible to define ‘the best restaurant’.

Variety and specialism is the spice of life.


On our We Love Oba Website;

We never FEATURE A RESTAURANT we cannot personally recommend.

When we do FEATURE A RESTAURANT we tell you what is special about them so that you make a great choice based on your preferences.


Our first Featured Restaurant for Oba will be announced very soon.

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If you would like us to consider your Oba Restaurant as a featured restaurant on this page then please contact us and we can come and discuss options with you.







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