The Turkish Bakery, Your Daily Staple

Turkish Bread (“Ekmek”) is a staple part of the Turkish Culture and household.

Aromas of freshly baked bread from our Mahmutlar Bakeries is so appetising. Fresh bread is baked in Mahmutlar Bakeries several times a day.

Turkish bread is an important part of the daily meal. Large chunks of fresh bread is simply torn off and eaten alongside any meal.

This delicious bread can be also be consumed as a snack accompanied by Turkish tea, homemade jams and dips.

What is Turkish Bread Like from Mahmutlar Bakeries

Bread from the local bakery is fresh and usually made from local flours with no preservatives or additives added. Because of this we recommend that you eat loaves and rolls quickly as they go stale. They do not last as long pre-packed processed loaves from the supermarket.

mahmutlar bakeries

A meal at home or in a restaurant is unthinkable in Turkey without bread.

As a consequence you will find that it is a daily ritual for most workers to stock up on oven-fresh bread for the evening meal on the way. 

Look out for these delicious breads sold on our Mahmutlar Bakeries

  • Bazlama
  • Gözleme
  • Mısır ekmeği (corn bread)
  • Lavaş
  • Pide (a broad, round and flat bread made of wheat flour)
  • Simit is a ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds. Simit is absolutely delicious and sold everywhere. It is very popular in Turkey and commonly eaten plain or with cheese, butter or marmalade. 
  • Yufka is a round and flat bread, made of wheat flour, thinner than pide.

Bakeries in Mahmutlar

Aksoy Simit Sarayi & Unlu Mamüleri Mahmutlar Mahallesi, 07460 Alanya
Çıtır Ekmek Fırını Mahmutlar Mahallesi, 119. Sk., 07460 Alanya
Saray Pastanesi Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Vatan Cd., 07460 Alanya
Ece Pastanesi Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Menderes Blv., 07460 Alanya
Mahmutlar Ekmek Fabrikasi Kargıcak Mahallesi, Barbaros Cd.07460 Alanya
Seray Pastanesi Kargıcak Mahallesi, Barbaros Cd.,07460 Alanya



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